Waterfall Costs and Packages

Multiple packages to fit your yard and budget!
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Water Features for Your Yard and Budget

You can see why the team has been awarded 1 global & 2 national awards for their artistry! Soak up this short video to get your creative juices flowing 😉

Modern Design Aquascaping takes the guesswork out of water feature pricing. Our packages are complete from design to installation. MDA will guide you through the process and share their experience and expertise.

Taking a Closer Look at Waterfalls

Which waterfall option is perfect for you?

If you want it, we can make it happen, PERIOD! Big or small, noisy or quiet, small stones from the river or boulders from the mountains, the options are limitless. If you aren’t ready for the full pond experience, you can still enjoy the soothing and aesthetic benefits of the sounds of water by adding a one-of-a-kind pondless waterfall to your outdoor living space!

Waterfall Package Options

Simply select the package that is right for you and we will customize it perfectly for your space!

Front Door Falls Waterfall Package

Big things come in small packages!

There are many spaces that beg for a “tiny” water feature and our team has answered the call! The sound of water will bring you peace, even on a small scale, we have a beautiful solution for you. The front door falls is typically 2-4 feet long and 18” high but your space may dictate something different. If you have an existing hill, or an even smaller space, we have a feature that will smooth your soul! Pricing of the Front Door Falls ranges from $9,499-$16,999.

Front Door Falls

  • Elegant and subtle.
  • Great for small spaces.
  • Attracts birds & wildlife.
  • Energy efficient & low maintenance.

Short But Sweet Waterfall Package

Imagine the soothing sound of water in your favorite outdoor living area!

The experience begins with a 10 foot long stream with cascades creating a peaceful murmur. Close your eyes and drift off to a peaceful stream in the woods…Wait, you are still at home with your coffee. This is how you want to start, and end your day from now on! Pricing of the Short But Sweet starts at $17,999.

Short But Sweet

  • Peaceful sounds from a mid sized feature.
  • Attracts birds and wildlife.
  • Perfect for medium sized spaces.
  • Affordable & efficient.

The Little River Waterfall Package

When your space calls for something slightly bigger and more magical!

The little river waterfall package is just a bit more captivating than the rest. It can be longer, or wider. The water may appear from more sources. There may be cedar accents or lights that create the effects of fire at night. There are so many options and this package gives your team of artists more freedom to create your magical space! Typically this feature starts at around fifteen feet long but is so versatile that it’s just hard to put measurements to it. Check out videos and prices to find the perfect one for you. Pricing of the Little River ranges from $24,999 and up.

The Little River

  • More elaborate & artistic design.
  • Medium to Large Footprint.
  • More waterfall diversity.
  • Bigger boulders and more sound.

Additional Waterfall and Koi Pond Services


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