Recreation and Swimming Ponds

Natural, refreshing, living water to relax in.

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Swim Pond Basics

Watch this quick video to understand what defines a swim pond and what you can.

Swim Ponds are the hottest trend in large scale water features these days. If you are looking for a beautiful, natural looking pond to relax in, this may be just the thing to complete your personal paradise! Featuring enhanced organic filtration, external pumps, and deep water, these “natural pools” forego the traditional chemicals used in swimming pools and lean towards the “living water” mentality of an ecosystem pond.

Never Settle

There is no compromise when it comes to building a custom swim pond and there are no limits when working with Modern Design Aquascaping!

Using natural stone, and up-flow wetland filtration, your space will resemble a slice of the Smoky Mountains! Multitudes of configurations and design options allow us limitless control of space, restricted only by our imagination and your budget!

Naturally Filtered Pond

The wetland filter works much like the old-school under-gravel filter you ad in your aquarium back in the day. By flowing highly-oxygenated water up trough size-graded substrates, we are able to organically filter your water the same way Mother Nature does. Watch the video above to understand the basics, follow the links at the end of the video to see one built! This filter is the work horse of your swim ponds filter system.

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Beautiful & Natural
  • Chemical Free
  • Supports Fish & Plants

Award Winning Beauty

95% Of the time you will be enjoying sitting near or looking at your pond, not swimming in it! Doesn’t it make sense to have a three-time national award winning team of water feature artists do the work?

Modern Design Aquascaping will help you to complete your custom paradise!

  • Hand selected, natural mountain-stone boulders
  • Deep water for swimming
  • Jets, bottom aeration, caves, logs, stumps, aquatic plants, and more

Additional Koi Pond and Waterfall Services

Ecosystem Ponds

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Pond Packages

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Pond Gallery

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Pondless Waterfalls and Streams MenuEnjoy the beauty and soothing sounds of water without extra maintenance.

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