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Thinking Of A Pond?

If you aren’t sure what an ecosystem pond is, watch this short video.

An ecosystem pond is the perfect addition to any setting! It becomes the center of your own personal paradise. It brings people together allowing them to connect with nature and with each other. In such a busy world, don’t you deserve a place where you can relax and decompress?

Deep Dive Koi Ponds with MDA

Videos to help you learn more about ponds and make smart decisions!

Ecosystem Pond Series
Part 1

This series is for anyone who is interested in learning about a natural ecosystem style pond and how it works. In this series John will take a deep dive into the what, the how, and the why of Ecosystem Ponds. Gain yourself a step-by-step understanding of an Ecosystem Pond and how to care for it! Stay tuned Pond People, you are going to get a lot out of this series.

Ecosystem Pond Series
Part 2

Mechanical Filtration – What is mechanical filtration? Why is it important for a water feature? How does mechanical filtration work? John Adams shows some examples of Mechanical Filters, and provides you with a basic understanding of them.

If you just got a new pond or are thinking about one, this series is perfect to get you started off on the right foot!

Ecosystem Pond Series
Part 2.5

Gain a basic understanding of what the nitrogen cycle is and how it works. John explains the process, how to test it, and what you need to do if there’s a problem.

Enjoy the thanks for watching the Ecosystem Pond Series!

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