Costs of Waterfalls

How much does a waterfall cost?

What effects the cost of a Pondless Waterfall?

Taking a comprehensive look

Modern Design Aquascaping Inc. explores what drives the cost up on a waterfall construction project. In this video you will see some examples of their projects while owner, John Adams, guides you through a series of options for your water feature project.

Some of Our Work

Watch the videos below to learn more about one of our pondless waterfall projects.

Mayo Garden Center Water Feature

Boulder waterfall build with fountains

Follow our team as we deal with the madness of destroying an old, outdated pond, and turning it into a WORLD-CLASS WATERFALL & FOUNTAIN-SCAPE. The challenges include (but are not limited to) weather, logistics, traffic, broken down equipment, material issues, old electrical lines, you name it—OMG!

Mayo Garden Center Part 2

Part two of this large boulder waterfall with fountains ends with over 90 seconds of beautiful footage taken 1 year later! Join John and the team as they deal with more chaos at Mayo Garden Center – while taking the project through completion. The renovation is complete and the outcome is amazing 🙂 Let us know what you think of the finished product.

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