Koi Pond Costs and Packages

Multiple options for every budget and yard!
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What affects the cost of a Koi Pond?

Understanding pond pricing and options.

Are you wondering “How much is this going to cost?” In this video, owner John G Adams, clears up the mystery & helps you understand pricing. He takes a quick look at all of the things you may or may not want to include in your new pond and what effect that will have on your investment.

Water Features and Package Options

MDA does it all from new koi pond and waterfall builds to complete pond renovations.

Take a closer look at the types of water features and options we offer. We have made up some sweet packages based on years of client favorites! Water features built for our clients can range from tiny spaces to recreational water features you can swim in! Let’s look around and see if we can find something to help change the way you spend time with the ones you love.

Ecosystem Pond and Koi Pond Packages

Different backyards call for different ponds, we have multiple package options to accommodate every situation and budget. Let us help you find the right pond for you!

Goldfish Lagoon Pond Package

Starting at only $11,999.

Lagoon Series Ponds maintain our smallest footprint and most affordable pricing. Fitting inside as small as a 10’ x 12’ space, they typically holding up to 500 to gallons. These ponds are low-maintenance and beautiful, boasting the same quality components we use in our larger features but with a smaller price tag. Any pond lover with a restricted area can still have the feature of their dreams!

Lagoon Series Package

  • Perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Great for smaller fish and aquatic plants.
  • Easy & efficient.
  • Affordable.

Oasis Pond Series

Starting at $24,999.

Enhance your outdoor living area with an Oasis Series Pond Package! The most popular of our packages, the “Oasis Series” boasts boulders up to 1 ton. Needing a minimum of 20’ x 20’ for the creation, our artists will build you a masterpiece that will make you feel like you have escaped to the mountains, right in your own backyard. Lots of options will allow you to customize this package to fit your space & lifestyle perfectly.

Oasis Series Package

  • Most popular pond package.
  • Great for jumbo koi & aquatic plants.
  • Bigger rocks and deeper water.
  • Natural falls and planting areas.

Luxury Pond Series

What is your dream?

Luxury Series Ponds are not for everyone, it takes a true enthusiast to understand the value of one of these unique creations. Creating beautiful mountain-scapes & building with massive, hand-selected mountain stones, is what our team is known for. There is no substitute for our Luxury Series Ponds. If you want something large enough to swim in, this may be the pond for you. Will you be the next proud owner of one of our Award Winning Water Features?

Luxury Series Package

  • Totally Unique & Custom to You.
  • Can be built for Koi, Swimming, or both.
  • Massive Boulders just like nature.
  • Built by our award winning artists.

Additional Koi Pond and Waterfall Services

Ecosystem Ponds

Menu Ecosystem PondA pond is a perfect addition to any yard. Relax in your own paradise.

Swimming Ponds

Swimming Ponds MenuRelaxing in a swimming pond may be your personal paradise.

Ponds Gallery

Pond Gallery MenuDiscover some of the koi ponds we’ve created and get a few ideas.


Pondless Waterfalls and Streams MenuEnjoy the beauty and soothing sounds of water without extra maintenance.

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