Outdoor Fountain Costs and Packages

Multiple fountain package options to fit within your budget and project!
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How Much is an Outdoor Fountain?

Options, upgrades and packages that work for all budgets.

John Adams, owner of Modern Design Aquascaping Inc, talks about how much his team charges to professionally install fountains. He then goes into what affects the cost of fountains, and the enhancements that he recommends to make your fountain all that it can be.

Decorative Fountains for All Spaces

Fountains are great for large yards or small patios.

Adding a water feature brings a whole new sensory experience to your garden. A well-placed garden fountain can transform an ordinary backyard into a relaxing outdoor retreat with the restorative sound and hypnotizing movement of trickling water. A fountain can also serve as a focal point in a front yard, plaza or courtyard.

Outdoor Fountain Package Options

Select the fountain package that works with your space your budget.
Keyed spillway fountain

Basalt Column Fountains

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Double Textured and Keyed Basalt Column fountains are small, unique and beautiful. The natural surfaces combine with polished surfaces to create a more formal feeling. Beautiful basalt stones are designed to create a soothing sound in a small space.

Basalt Column Fountain

  • Great for small spaces.
  • Lower installation and operation costs.
  • Easy and low maintenance.
  • Soothing sounds of running water.
Slate fountain urn trio

Fountain Urn Packages

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Urns provide flexibility in design and used in a multitude of applications. Fountain Urns come in 3 styles: Rippled; Stacked slate; and Scalloped, and in 3 sizes small (20” diameter x 32” high), medium (27” x 45”), and large (38” x 56”).

Fountain Urns

  • Expandable for future growth.
  • Transform your space.
  • Compliment your space with water.
  • Easily add fire to your fountain.
Boulder fountain spillover wall

Limestone Boulder Fountains

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Our Missouri Limestone Boulder Fountains are custom-made in-house from hand-selected Missouri boulders. We can make these fountains small and subtle or big and bold, depending on your space and budget.

Boulder Fountains

  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Relaxing ambient white noise.
  • Low maintenance and energy efficient.
  • Unique and custom to your space.
Stone sphere fountain

Sphere Fountain Package

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Create a lovely sound of water with a granite sphere fountain with carved ridges. These fountains are available 3 sizes: 16”, 20”, and 24” diameters. The 16” diameter sphere shown starts at $3,899.00 installed.

Sphere Fountain

  • Enhance your outdoor space.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Easy and low maintenance.
  • Flexible for further growth.
Zen stone fountain

Zen Fountain Package

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This dramatic looking outdoor fountain is carved from a solid basalt stone and stands 12” high and 24” across (weighing nearly 500 pounds) with a subtle bubbling flow. Upgrade your yard with a custom outdoor fountain.

Zen Garden Fountain

  • Perfect for outdoor gardens.
  • A centerpiece of your landscape.
  • Calming sound of flowing water.
  • Create an outdoor paradise.

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