Pond Repairs & Pond Leak Detection

Our experience and unique training of our team allows us to diagnose and fix your problem quickly and accurately.

Pump Repairs, Pond Liners and Filters

We are known as the Go-To-Place for everything water gardening.

Modern Design Aquascaping is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor and we are dedicated to quality and environmental stewardship. We attend training and skill building workshops, which keeps our staff on the forefront of water gardening’s newest technologies, products, and best practices.

Pond & Waterfall Leak Repairs & Detection

Regardless of the issues related to your water feature, we will fix it quickly and accurately.

Pond Water Clarity Problems

Pond covered in algae

Why is water clarity listed in the repair section? Because if you are not able to see a dime placed at the bottom of your pond, there is a good chance that some part of your pond ecosystem is not working properly and needs to be repaired or replaced. Do you have green pond water or black pond water in your pond? We can figure out why and repair the pond ecosystem to resolve these issues.

Pond Filter/Pump Repairs

Broken Pond Pump repair

There are many types of pond filtration systems & pumps, and we’ve worked with just about all of them. If your filter or pump worked at one time, but is no longer performing the job – we perform all types of pond filter & pump repairs that can help. If your pond filter has never worked the way it should, we can help you with that as well.

Waterfall Repairs

Repairing Waterfall in Knoxville

Customers have come to us with all kinds of waterfall problems. An improperly designed waterfall can cause a great deal of water loss, or it may just look unnatural and need a face lift. Our team has built dozens and dozens waterfalls, and we know how to do it the right way. It really doesn’t matter what your waterfall problem is – we can fix it, and ensure you will have many years of low maintenance enjoyment of your water feature.

The Difference with Modern Design Aquascaping

As a result of uneducated or poor installation techniques or even maintenance neglect, waterfalls and streams do occasionally require repairs. Liner tears and the breakdown of equipment are issues we see often with damaged or improperly operating water features, although the shifting of pebbles, rocks, and even land can also lead to substantial problems.

Regardless of the issues that have led to the malfunction of your water feature, the experience and unique training of our team allows us to diagnose and fix your problem quickly and accurately.

​Unlike traditional landscape designers and general contracting firms, our exclusive focus on water gardens allows us to understand and embrace a full ecosystem approach to water features. To ensure both enjoyment and sustainability, our products and solutions are engineered to emphasize a natural approach of water capture, circulation, filtration, plants, rocks, gravel, and even fish.

Signs of Pond Problems

If you notice you have to add water on a daily basis, or hear the “hissing” of your water fill valve constantly running, (after properly setting the water level) you may have a leak, most of which occur along the perimeter of the waterfall and stream. These leaks are generally due to the ground settling which causes the water to trickle over the edge of the liner. These leaks can be easily fixed.

  • Check the perimeter of the pond, waterfall, and stream for any areas that are wet. This is usually a good indicator that water is leaking over the liner.
  • Check to make sure any slow moving sections of the stream/waterfall have not become obstructed by leaves, plants, or other debris. This can cause the water to back up and leak over the edge of the liner.
  • Once you have found the leak, pack additional soil under the liner to raise the edge above the water level. Hide the exposed liner by replacing the gravel and add mulch.
  • If you have plants growing in your BIOFALLS® filter, it is common for their growth to displace the water, causing it to flow over the back side of the filter. Simply remove enough of the plants to lower the water level.

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